US must end financial and military efforts in Yemen

We must all urge our representatives in Congress to sponsor and adopt SJRes. 56 and HJRes. 87 linked to the Saudi war in Yemen. This legislation would end unauthorized US military support and arms sales to Saudi Arabia, restore funding for humanitarian aid to Yemen and encourage diplomacy to end the war.

The United States has many conflicting goals in its foreign policy. We claim to support democratic governments. But we also have interests that benefit the United States. One of the most contentious areas is our need for oil. Because the United States currently needs oil to maintain its standard of living, we often find ourselves supporting undemocratic governments.

We currently support the Saudi war in Yemen even though Saudi Arabia is a very undemocratic government with serious human rights abuses. Yemen is being destroyed. Hunger and malnutrition are rampant. Health systems are failing. The education of children has been severely disrupted in many parts of the country. A generation of children is growing up surrounded by war.

Although there is currently a truce between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, it is unstable. The United States must end its support for the war in Yemen, support that Congress has never authorized, and we must find alternatives to fossil fuels so that we do not find ourselves systematically in these terrible impasses.

Becky Meier and Spee Braun


Members, Mid-Hudson Advocacy Team for Friends Committee on National Legislation

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