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Teach Your Children To Save And Orient Them To The Essential

Parents spend a lot of money on the pretext of wanting to give their children everything they have not had. Being a legitimate concern, it is crucial to keep in mind the educating role of parents. In this article we will give you some suggestions so you can teach your children to save.

It Is Natural To Give Your Child The Best Living Conditions

It Is Natural To Give Your Child The Best Living Conditions

Many people associate temperance with restraint and austere restrictions on each family’s budget. This value is often seen as contrary to a legitimate desire that many parents have to provide their children with the maximum possible financial comfort so that nothing is lacking.

There is also a more complex reality in which some parents wish to give their children everything they could not have access to as a way of compensating for a more rigorous childhood financially.

Temperance Is Not Negative

Temperance Is Not Negative

Temperance does not have to be seen as something negative, rigid or somber. On the contrary, when well lived and applied, it becomes essentially positive to suffocate as:

  • Power an effort to balance wills and impulses;
  • Helps you sort and select tastes from multiple options and offers;
  • It promotes the ability to choose and helps to report benefit and loss as a consequence of that choice;
  • It promotes freedom, fortitude, and self-control by having to make the choice of one particular good over another.
  • Protects against advertising and marketing that calls for everything to be consumed already and now!

Provide Freedom to Your Children

Provide Freedom to Your Children

Above all, it is important to raise children who have the opportunity to discover their tastes and exploit them, rather than allowing them to experience everything just because they have free access. In this way, it is they who take control, rather than being controlled by these confused and disoriented impulses.

You can also convey to your children the idea that it is not only parents who say no: they too can (and should) gain the ability to say no to what does not interest them, ie to the superfluous and to the makes you grow as People

To say yes to everything around us and what we feel like makes all the experiences are something depersonalized, monotonous, highly generalist and that does not give character to anything.


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